How to Try Android Apps Before Buying

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How to Try Android Apps Before Buying
How to Try Android Apps Before Buying
How to Try Android Apps Before Buying – Google’s online Android Market, now called Google Play, very large with more than 200,000 applications for Android phones and tablets. A lot of Android Apps available as a free download while the paid app can cost anywhere between 99 ¢ and $ 200.
Amazon runs parallel online store for Android Apps and the one good thing about the Amazon store is that it lets you test and test applications before you actually buy it.

How to Try Android Apps Before Buying
How to Return an Android App
It takes a few easy steps to restore an application to Android Market:
How to Try Android Apps Before Buying
  • Step 1: Go to Google’s Android Market, either on your desktop or your mobile phone, and buy one of the ‘paid’ applications.
  • Step 2: The app is now installed on your phone. Launch the application and you can test for 10-12 minutes.
  • Step 3. Back to the Android Market on your phone and look under “My Apps,” tap the name of the application you are trying to restore. Press the “Refund” button and the application will automatically delete from your phone.
  • Step 4. Once the sites have been removed, it may require you to specify the reason for removing the app. You can check the “I prefer not to say” here, and the number of applications will be returned. You will also get an email from Google saying:
You have uninstalled the application from your phone. We have canceled your order and you have not been charged.
The refund process is quite easy and 10 minutes is enough for you to get a good idea of ​​an app. I tried this with at least two different paid apps and everything worked without a hitch. But there are two things about Google’s return policy you should know:
1. You only have 15 minutes to restore an application to Android Market from the time of the download after the “return” option will disappear from the app.
2. You can return an application only once, when you restore an app and buy more, you will not be able to return to the Android Market.
Tried so many articles about How Android Apps Before Buying hopefully useful.
How to Try Android Apps Before Buying
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