Collection of Best Android Games 2013

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Collection of Best Android Games 2013
Collection of Best Android Games 2013
Currently, Android users around the world have reached tens or even hundreds of millions of users. So no wonder if many android applications scattered on Google Play or internet. Of course, the application has fungi and usefulness of each. No exception game, is an application that is entertaining himself when hungover or something else.
Game is very fun to play. Especially if the game can be played anywhere, like android games of course. Well, on this occasion, I will share some of the list of best android games 2013 which became popular. Well, maybe you can pick this game to be installed on your smartphone. So you can entertain yourself.
Collection of Best Android Games 2013 Current

1. Angry Birds
Who does not know this one game. Angry Birds is one of the best games of all time. There have been many who play this game with a couple of series. This game tells how you should destroy the existing pigs in confinement. In addition to this game is fun and has been popular, there are also accessories Angry Birds that can be found anywhere, such as t-shirts, dolls, stickers, and more.
2. Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja is one of the games that have a pretty good picture quality. In this game, you are required to destroy as much fruit as possible in the allotted time. Fruit Ninja, when viewed from the side of the game will hone your speed and agility, and accuracy.
3. Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour
This game is both FPS games. Game 4 Modern Combat Zero Hour is arguably one of the best FPS game ever in mobile. It can be seen from the details of the game, the story, as well as its multiplayer features, thus making this FPS game to be one of the best games.
4. Sentinel 3 Homeworld
This game is speed and agility training. You are required to protect the tower being attacked by ferocious creatures. Game design and detail, as well as the accompanying music, make this game more fun to play.
5. Zenonia 4
This is one game RPG adventure game with a story that is very exciting. As well as graphics support, which has a good picture quality, making this game very fun to play? So, no need to doubt what it was like playing a game of this one.
That’s some Collection of Best Android Games 2013.
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