SoundHound, Music Application for Android

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SoundHound, Music Application for Android
SoundHound, Music Application for Android
SoundHound, an application for Windows Phone, iOS and Android is claimed to be the only application that can recognize again even though the lyrics are not clear. When used, this application could play a song for 13 seconds, performing songs online search and display the results. When it was discovered the song or tone you are looking for, it will display the details of the song name, singer name, or can even purchase the song through the application.
Come on, the one with the chorus that makes … How many times do you happen to have songs on the tip of your tongue? I almost always. To SoundHound, the revolutionary music recognition application for Android, is really important

Now just bring the phone started humming and SoundHound recognizes the song, or at least give her all. You even managed to identify the version I stonatissima Roma Carpaccio, the wonders of technology. But there was no miracle: if you propose songs from famous singers niche only in Treviso, ‘b, will not work. Side niches, however SoundHound works much better with songs in English, we recognized first time flying but have faltered at the Billion.

In addition to singing, you can also just bring your Android to the stereo speakers when you hear a song you like, and SoundHound will tell you the title, like Shazam, is often even better. Or you can search through the text. In any case, to begin the search for missing songs just flick the screen, and recognition programs.

After digging the song, you can watch videos on YouTube, get information about the authors and share your findings via SMS, e-mail or Facebook. If the song is available on Amazon, you can also buy. And it’s free! In short, SoundHound is very important. But we’ve said this, right?
SoundHound, Music Application for Android
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